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Anne’s Bake Shop specializes in custom decorated cookies for any occasion. Let us bake your ideas into edible works of art!

Are you looking for a special treat for an upcoming event? A birthday, baby or wedding shower, thank you, anniversary, graduation or just hoping to brighten someone’s day? Check out our gallery below, then let us help you design cookies to fit your special celebration or event!

Custom Orders

Our custom-decorated cookies are made fresh to order, and are not only pretty but also delicious!  Cookies are typically 3″ in size, made with real butter and decorated with Vanilla Icing. Dough flavors available: vanilla, cinnamon-vanilla, caramel, lemon, orange, chocolate chip, chocolate fudge, chocolate cappuccino. The cookies are priced based on size and Basic or Detailed designs requested. Minimum order is 12 cookies. 

Cookie Cakes

These are big, thick, chewy chocolate chip cookies called “cookie-cakes” and they are big enough to be shared!  These are decorated with a rich homemade vanilla, almond or chocolate buttercream frosting. Cookie-cakes come with a written message (Happy Birthday, Congratulations, etc).  Flavors available: Chocolate chip, M&M, butterscotch oatmeal toffee, salted caramel or Reese’s peanut butter.  9″ round and 1 – 1.5″ thick. (Larger sizes available.)

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We look forward to sweetening your special event!

Orders & Inquiries

For orders or inquires, use this form for your contact information and ideas (or questions) on a theme, design and quantity.

Once the form is received, we will check availability and follow up with you. Your order is added to our calendar once all order details are confirmed. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to your inquiry.

Our calendar fills quickly. Place your order 2-4 weeks in advance of your event, if possible.

If you don’t hear back within 48 hours, please send an email to


How do you make your custom cookies?

We bake and decorate to order. Let us know your flavor preference and we will mix your favorite dough (100% butter and real vanilla extract), cut the shapes, and bake them to perfection. Then we will make the colored icings and decorate with the theme requested. After the icing dries for 4-8 hours, your cookies will be packaged and ready for pick up. 

What basic information is needed to place an order?

We need to know the DATE desired for pick up, THEME/event, QUANTITY plus any requests for design, shape and color plus dough flavor. We can accommodate your specific design ideas or will work with you to create a beautiful and unique set of cookies to gift, serve or just to enjoy yourself!

What are the options for Custom Decorated Cookies?

Standard decorated cookies are about 3″ and decorated with Vanilla Royal Icing. Minimum order is 12 cookies. With 12 cookies, choose 3-4 designs/ shapes, 2-3 colors and 1 dough flavor. With 24 cookies, choose 4-6 designs, 3-4 colors and 1 dough flavor. With 36+ cookies, contact us for options. Extra colors, designs or dough flavors may cost extra. Dough flavors available: vanilla, cinnamon-vanilla, caramel, lemon, orange, chocolate chip, chocolate fudge, chocolate cappuccino. Cookies are packed in a bakery box; bags and ribbons available upon request. Basic designed cookies start at $3.25/each and up based on designs requested. Also available,  2” mini cookies with basic designs, start at $2.50/each (24/minimum).

What are the options for Chocolate Chip Cookie-cakes?

Cookie-cakes are decorated with buttercream frosting – choose vanilla, almond or chocolate. (100% butter and real vanilla, no shortening.) Specify a written message (such as “Happy Birthday”). Upgrades include: chocolate candies, chocolate drip, a decorated sugar cookie in the center with a message or image and/or mini themed cookies around the edge. Flavors: Chocolate chip, M&M, butterscotch oatmeal toffee, salted caramel or Reese’s peanut butter.  Standard size is 9” diameter and 1-1.5″ high and it serves 10-12 people. (Larger sizes are available.) Cookie-Cakes start at $30.

Do you recommend ordering in advance?

YES – we suggest ordering 2-4 weeks in advance, as our calendar fills up quickly and custom supplies may need to be ordered. If you have a special occasion coming up, please inquire about our availability ahead of time. If you have a last minute order, check with us – we will work it in if we are able!

Can you accommodate food allergies?

Sorry, we cannot. Please alert us ahead of time if you have any allergy concerns. A list of ingredients is included with every order. Cookies are baked in a kitchen that uses wheat, eggs, dairy, tree nuts and peanuts. While there may be no tree nuts/peanuts in our cookies, they may be processed using the same equipment/tools. There is also a risk of cross contamination with trace amounts of allergens such as  peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, shellfish, fish in our kitchen pantry or bakery.

How much do cookies cost?

Standard 3” sugar cookies start at $3.25/each (minimum 12). Pricing is based on size and Basic or Detailed designs requested, plus any upgrades. Basic 2” mini cookies start at $2.50/each (minimum 24). Cookie-Cakes start at $30/each. Your custom order cost will be provided as part of the order/inquiry process. Like any custom business, decorated cookies differ in creativity, work, art and time, hence pricing will reflect the nature of the work.

What are your terms and safety practices?

We require prepayment of orders, which includes a 50% non-refundable retainer/deposit, at the time of booking. Your order is confirmed when the payment is made. Payments accepted are Zelle (preferred), Venmo or Cash. Anne’s Bake Shop is a registered MN Cottage Food Producer. Our bakery follows the State of MN guidelines for safe food handling, including sanitation, masks, gloves, etc. These products are homemade and are not subject to MN state inspection.

How does pick up work?

Pick up will be in Plymouth, MN by appointment only. Contactless pick ups are available. The home bakery address will be provided on the invoice. We are not allowed to ship our products. At pick up time, we request you review/approve the order before leaving. We want you to love your cookies!

How long do cookies stay fresh? Can they be frozen?

If cookies are sealed in an air tight bag or container, they will stay fresh for 1-2 weeks. They freeze very nicely! Put them in an airtight bag, then in a Tupperware. To thaw, take them out of the freezer and DO NOT OPEN either of the containers until completely thawed and room temperature. Enjoy!


“EVERYONE loved your cookies. First, all were wowed by how beautiful they looked. Then after tasting them, EVERYONE was coming up to me to tell me how fabulous they tasted!”

– Kimberly A.

“For anybody who’s thinking of ordering some cookies…please know that these taste just as amazing as they look! And Anne is so creative in designing something that will be perfect for your occasion. I highly recommend these cookies to anyone!”

– Maria M.

“Anne’s baking and design skills are magical!!  Not only do they look amazing, they are also delicious. The chocolate fudge cookies were like thin brownies – so tasty.  Anne’s Bake Shop is now my favorite bakery.”

– Susan L.

“Anne is a master baker and I just can’t get over how creative she is. The birthday cookies she made kicked any birthday cake’s butt!  If you have a special occasion, she can make it even more special. She won’t disappoint and is very professional.”

– Theresa F.

“Not only are Anne’s cookies amazing to look at, they are delicious.”

– Molly B.



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